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Hello, we are Maria and Polina! It seems now we have been in this business forever. We have been working as professional guides in Saint-Petersburg for more than 15 years. Each of us being an excellent private guide worked for different companies in our beautiful city. We ran tours of different kinds and this way got precious experience. Having decided we are strong enough to work on our own we arranged TourPetersburg Company. Thus, we have been functioning for more than 13 years as an official company at the touristic market of St. Petersburg.

Our aim is not only arranging tours properly or just booking tickets in museums. We are happy to break people’s stereotypes about Russia and Russians. We show the country and the city we live in with love. We would like you to see St Petersburg the way we see it and to fall in love with it forever.

We work very hard. As a result we are happy to say that we receive more and more enquiries every year. We try to pay as much attention as possible to every detail in our work: our tour guides are highly professional and easy-going, our drivers are helpful, polite and attentive, our prices are the lowest among competitors.

We are proud to inform you that we do not have negative comments. Every businessman tells his clients about the personal approach in his work. This is what we try not to proclaim but to practice. Of course, we have standard sample tours to make the process of choosing what is important to see here or not easier for our guests. Then the process of improving the tour begins. We are attentive and flexible to tourists’ ideas and suggestions. We do not want everyone to have one and the same tour. Keeping in mind their wishes, desires and special needs we would like them to enrich the standard sample tour with something unusual that will help our guests to know Russia and the Russian people better, to pay attention not only to interesting and famous museums, spacious parks and magnificent palaces of Saint-Petersburg but also to see our everyday life, sitting quietly in a café watching ordinary Russian people around, for example.

Our goal is to change foreign guests’ perception of Russia and people who live here. That is why working with tourists mostly coming to Russia for the first time we still would like to give them the possibility to choose what they would like to see in St Petersburg. There are several options. Of course, you may have a must-see tour, this is what most visitors do. Also there is always an opportunity to mix it with something not usual as, for example, a visit of the Russian banya. This way the tour becomes a very special experience, nobody will have anything of this kind. We ask and provoke our guests to be brave and extraordinary. They are very grateful for it later!

In the end of the tour our guests say their ideas about Russia were totally different and they did not expect to find here so many well-educated, English-speaking, positive, enthusiastic young people. Most of the tourists are sure Russia is going to be unusual, strange and unpredictable. It is a pleasant surprise for them to realize we are very hospitable, highly professional and willing to communicate and to share.

Polina Kurshakova

I am Polina, a professional guide in Saint-Petersburg. I have been in this sphere for more than 15 years already. I have a degree in English and management.  The tourist market is constantly developing in our city, and we try to be even ahead of the mordern trends. To achieve it I am happy to deal with your tour requests, to arrange new interesting and non-classical tours, to make your stay here not boring and to welcome you in our unforgettable city.

Phone Number: +7 931 231 01 90

E-mail: info@tourpetersburg.com

Maria Kostina

I am Maria, a native citizen of Saint-Petersburg. I have been working as a tour guide for more than twelve years. Why have I chosen this job? I like speaking languages (English, Italian and, of course, Russian), meeting  new people and sharing my knowledge of history, city and art. I also deal with your requests and try to make the best tours for you. St Petersburg is the city you can visit several times and still there are so many interesting places left unattended. You are warmly welcome to come and discover them and we are here to make your visit comfortable, safe and unforgettable.

Phone Number +7 921 650 20 70

E-mail: info@tourpetersburg.com


Your safety

Your guide knows what can be difficult for a foreigner visiting Saint-Petersburg. He will be responsible not only for your personal guided tour but also for your safety. We will never take you to a place that is not suitable for you or your children. Our main task is making your stay in our wonderful city comfortable, interesting and safe. Working directly with us you will save time and money while also having the best expertise. No cancelation penalties!

Our individual approach

You will be offered a guided tour in which all your preferences will be included. We are happy to meet any needs of each guest. Thanks to our experience we can offer you the best options of what to see here. During the high season queues to St Petersburg museums are endless. This is our job to book your tickets in advance that will help you to avoid them. Being one of the best tour guides in Saint-Petersburg we want you to have a great experience during your visit. No deposit!

Rich experience

Visiting St. Petersburg you will not have to study guidebooks for the information or itinerary. They usually tell one and the same things. We will inform you about everything we know about the city and its history. The private guide does not only run tours. Being experienced in St. Petersburg tourism we believe in professionalism and cooperation. In our work we have been using many contacts we collected over the years.


  • June 2015 On a 12-day cruise in the Baltic my favorite place was St.Petersburg, Russia. Our guide was Ms. Polina Kurshakova. She is the reason our 3-day St.Petersburg guided tour there was so perfect and our favorite port of call. I am so glad we did this St.Petersburg individual tour and did not pile on a bus with a lot of grumpy people. Excellent English, and she was always so concerned about how we were. She helped to plan our three days there. I did not know where to start. I have not stopped talking about her and St.Petersburg private tours she sets up. Our time there was too short. Polina, you are as pretty on the ouside as you are on the inside. I love your city-St Petersburg, Russia.
    Alice Marie and David
    Melbourne, FL, USA
  • July 2017 We had two full days in St Petersburg as part of a cruise and arranged for private touring with Tourpetersburg for both days. We made arrangements by email with Maria, who answered all our questions quickly and efficiently. We wanted to see most, but not all, of the stops on the usual must-see tour of the city, but also wanted to add a stop of our own, which they were able to accommodate. I had previously reviewed the shore excursions offered by the cruise line. While the cost for private tours was a little, but not much, more, we were able to customize our tour and have our own private guide and vehicle, so it was well worth it. We are not people who usually take formal tours. When travelling, we mostly head into a city on our own and explore using local transport and our feet. To see anything in a short time in St Petersburg, however, a guided tour is a must. First, it eliminates the… More
    Carolyn Jones
  • June 2018 We had the most memorable experience at Saint Petersburg with Polina and Maria.We were a group of 8 people doing the Baltic Cruise. Polina helped us on an itinerary that covered everything we wanted to see.Maria was our guide. She is very knowledgeable and her English is excellent. She told us history of all the buildings and monuments and arts in n the museum. She took very good care of us. She arranged all location with the driver so we didn't have to walk or wait. We enjoyed very much our time in Saint Petersburg and much thanks to Polina and Maria.
    Susan Sin
  • June 2019 We booked a tour last year with Maria and our ship was unable to get into St Petersburg. Maria was most caring throughout this disappointing time. We rebooked this year and when we finally met Maria it was like meeting an old friend. Her tour was excellent and included many of the highlights of this beautiful city, but also had some local sights too. A ride on the metro, local cafe and a farmers market. Maria’s English is excellent. Our driver, Constantine, was courteous and helpful. It was a wonderful trip and would highly recommend.
    Sandra Kimberling
  • July 2014 About a week before I left for my Baltic cruise to Saint-Petersburg, I was given Polina's contact. I emailed her on a Friday night requesting to arrange a 3-day St.Petersburg tour package that mirrored the ship's land tour for my party of 11. By Monday, she had arranged everything including our visas! On top of that, she did not even ask us for a deposit. The cost was less than half the price of the ship's tour. The 3-day St.Petersburg private tour was simply fantastic! It included all St.Petersburg places to visit, Hermitage tour, Peterhof tour also. Our guide, Dasha was incredibly knowledgeable, very professional and engaging. She looked after the group extremely well. We have travelled extensively and this is the best private tour we had.
  • August 2017 Our time in St. Petersburg was short, and we had lots on our list of places to see and do. Thankfully, this company allowed our group of 6 to pick and choose the sights and events that most interested us. The guide and driver both demonstrated exceptional ability to guide us in, through, and ahead of super crowded sights, which allowed us to make the most of our short time in their beautiful city. Choosing this company was one of the best decisions we made while on our trip this summer.
    Lacey McPherson
  • August 2018 Maria, Thanks very much we have had a lovely cruise with the highlights being st Petersburg. Again the tour with your company was excellent Many thanks
    Rachael Fenlon
  • June 2019 Maria was an excellent and amazingly friendly tour guide. We felt like we got to know her during our correspondence prior to the trip. She was always happy to answer questions and allow us to change our itinerary to suit our needs. I had last minute mobility problems but she was happy to accommodate my new needs, even arranging a wheelchair for me at no extra cost. The tour was fantastic! We had 2 very full days which gave us a real spectrum of the sights and treasures of St Petersburg. We even got to go in the metro stations to see their amazing mosaics and marble. Wow! Peterhof gardens were beautiful. There was so much more, but suffice to say, we had a great time and we would thoroughly recommend TourPetersburg.
    Valerie Hatch
  • February 2016 Hello Polina and Maria. We would like to thank you for making our winter visit to your beautiful city perfect. You were both so attentive collecting us from our hotel to take us on so many trips. Steve loved the submarine and the Navel museum was quite amazing too. There was so much to see. The Political History Museum was so very interesting and the depth of your knowledge was fantastic. The Faberge museum was quite stunning not just the collection but the building itself is wondrous. We felt incredibly safe and cared for in your company. Nothing was too much trouble for either of you and you were kindness itself. You are 2 very professional young women who really know Saint Petersburg inside out and speak perfect English. We can't thank you both enough for an amazing 2 weeks in your fantastic city. We loved being there in winter as it so much quieter and the snow made it magic too. We will be back and definitely… More
    Sue and Steve Woodward
  • August 2017 I'll be honest. I was a bit apprehensive about touring Russia. Our cruise ship allowed us only one day to see the sights and I didn't see how that was possible with a large tour group from our ship. A friend of a friend told us about the Tourpetersburg group. For a couple of months Polina worked with me to arrange everything that we wanted to see. She personalized the tour for our group of 6 people. She even got us our visas. The day of the tour, Maria met us right outside customs, even waiting an hour and a half for us when we were stuck both on our ship and at customs for unexplained reasons. But once we met Maria the fun began. She took us on a tour of St. Petersburg, for a fun ride on a hydrofoil to Petershof, a great lunch back in St. Petersburg, shopping, then an amazing tour of the Hermitage, including the famed Gold Room. We went to other sights… More
    Cindy Bishop