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We are Polina and Maria. We work in St. Petersburg as private guides. We are always ready to arrange for you best St. Petersburg tours, to show you the city where we work and live.

Usually the decision to visit Russia is not easy and quick for foreign guests. The next step is to understand what cities to go to. The way of travelling is also important as it can be and individual tour, a private guided tour, a tour in a small group of 6-10 people or a big (up to 40 people) group tour. Each way of travelling has its own privileges and disadvantages and we are not going to discuss them now.

In St.Petersburg tourism our experience is rich enough to satisfy any tourist. Communication will not be a problem because we are also offering help with translation everywhere – shops, cafes, bars, theatres…

What Customers Say

  • bobSeptember 2014 Our St.Petersburg guide was Maria and she made all places in Saint-Petersburg we visited so memorable. Excellent English and an outstanding knowledge of Russian and Art history. She organized everything, bypassed all the queues and made sure we saw all the important things without rushing and even arranged a trip to the local restaurants for lunch. Brilliant!!
    Bob and Ed Swindle
  • Rachael FenlonMay 2017 Excellent tour with an excellent guide. Loved the impressionists section that you wouldn't see on regular shore excursions and was lovely seeing the faberge eggs without the crowds. Would highly recommend this tour company.
    Rachael Fenlon
  • Maryann UrbanBradenJune 2018 We loved the tour and your beautiful city.  Maria was terrific and VERY knowledgeable, always finding answers to our questions and we found Maxim to be very good driver. We will recommend you and your company to others in future.
    Maryann Braden
  • Veronika KJanuary 2019 We were lucky to have such a professional guide on our excursion to the Hermitage, and so kind and positive person as Maria! She tells about tiny details of one or another art objects with keen interest and passion so that all group is captured by her story reveling many new curious facts! Her English is very beautiful and adjusted to the group. Thank you so much, Maria! And I can’t wait to arrange another cultural trip with you!
    Veronika Kushina
  • johnAugust 2014 Maria was our St.Petersburg private guide for two days. The days were full, informative and fun. Maria ushered us around and made St.Petersburg trip VERY easy. We entered sites without waiting in lines - which were all VERY long - and she pre-arranged lunches. The days in Saint-Petersburg went from 07:45 to 17:30. We would highly recommend Maria as the best St.Petersburg travel guide. Thank you, Maria, for two great days.
    John Myers
  • Testim 4June 2017 This was an absolutely amazing tour of beautiful St. Petersburg. Our tour guide Maria, our driver Yelisyeyi (Елисей) and owner Polina really know the city and the best way to show it off. My group of four adults arrived at 9 am via the Norwegian Getaway at the Port in St. Petersburg. After negotiating long lines at Russian customs we found Maria waiting and we were whisked away to explore and enjoy as much as we could during our two-day visit. We created an a la cart tour that included sightseeing, restaurants, evening cocktails, the Hermitage museum, churches, tombs, coffee and much more. As a small group we easily moved through the city and sites. Maria is extremely knowledgeable, very well versed in Russian history and culture, excellent English, and well connected...Maria seemed to know everybody. Our driver knew every route and navigated the city effortlessly. My favorite thing about the tour is I feel like I was really shown the history, culture and life of St. Petersburg.… More
    Vela John Michael
  • Charles RubleJune 2018 While on a Baltic cruise in June our friends and my wife and I had a free night in St Petersburg . I contacted Maria a couple of months before leaving after seeing some internet posts and she was able to arrange a special evening tour of some very local pubs.they handled all the transportation, visa, and destination planning. It turned out to be the night of the Russia vs Egypt World Cup match. Maria adjusted the itinerary to go to at least local spots with all the World Cup fever and excitement. We had planned on 3 couples but 1 couple could not attend so 4 of us , a great driver and Maria. She took care of all our ordering, language help and lots of local color. On our 10 day Baltic tour our evening in St Petersburg was by far the highlight. I have taken many private tours in Europe and rate Maria number “1”. We are from California and in mid 60’s. Don’t miss a… More
    Charles Ruble
  • Helen AppletonAugust 2018 Maria was an excellent guide for our group of six for three days in St. Petersburg. We were able to make requests as to what we wanted to see and all of Maria's suggestions were wonderful. We especially enjoyed the many things to see in the Hermitage and Peterhof. Maria suggested authentic Russian restaurants for lunch, which we enjoyed (there were no other tourists). A highlight was seeing some relatives and Maria came to dinner for the evening with us and translated at a very minimal extra cost. We had previously communicated with the relatives through google translate as they do not speak English and we do not speak Russian. I want to visit Russia again. The positive experience was largely due to Maria's skills, the information she provided, and her interest in making sure we had a great experience.
    Helen Appleton
  • munaOctober 2014 I loved the custom made tours and the flexibility offered. Maria Kostina was gracious, polite, knowledgeable, and flexible. She understood that the main purpose of the tour, was not just to get information, but to enjoy the city and be able to wander around and change things as we went along. There were some restrictions due Holidays, days off, and Russian customs of buying tickets early, but these were all dealt with well. Most importantly, there was no RUSHING... I would highly recommend her as a tourist guide in this beautiful city...
    Saudi Arabia
  • Testim 3June 2017 My friends and I had a two day tour of St. Petersburg with Maria and our driver whose name I could not possibly spell. I cannot sing enough high praises for them or for Polina who helped plan our tour. They answered our many emails sent prior to our trip and sent an itinerary that included many of the St. Petersburg highlights. It took forever to go through immigration from our cruise ship. Maria was patiently waiting for us through all the madness. The Mercedes van had snacks and drinks waiting for us. St.Petersburg is an amazing city. There were many sights to see and Maria was able to explain the history of Russia and the importance of each sight. We always felt like VIPs with no line waiting and personal service. They were able to customize the things we wanted to do such as see a subway station and go to a restaurant and bars that locals would go to. We were constantly amazed and impressed. For… More
    Christina Gernale

Why Us

Your safety

Your guide knows what can be difficult for a foreigner visiting Saint-Petersburg and will be responsible not only for your personal guided tour but also for your safety. We will never take you to a place that is not suitable for you or your children. We see our main task as making your stay in our wonderful city comfortable, interesting and safe. Working directly with us, not via an agency, you will save time and money while also having the best expertise. No cancelation penalties!

Our individual approach

You will be offered a guided tour in which all your preferences will be included. We are happy to meet any needs of each guest. Thanks to our experience we can offer you the best options of what to see here. During the high season queues are endless in St. Petersburg museums. This is our job to book your tickets in advance. Being one of the best tour guides in Saint-Petersburg we want you to have a great experience during your visit. No deposit!

Rich experience

Visiting St. Petersburg you will not have to study guidebooks for information or itinerary, they usually write one and the same things. We will tell you everything we know about the city and its history. But a private guide does not only run tours. Being experienced in St. Petersburg tourism we believe in professionalism and cooperation that is why in our work we have been using many contacts we collected over the years.

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Dinners in Russian families

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Vodka tasting tours

We would like to help you with the choice of the city and to provoke you to come to the cultural capital of Russia, to our Northern Venice – Saint-Petersburg. To confirm our point of view below we offer you a comparison of two most famous cities in Russia – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
St Petersburg is located in the Northwestern part of Russia, Moscow – in the central one. Climate differences all come from this fact – the weather in St Petersburg is worse and there are more rains here. Because of the climate and its geographical location from the end of May to the beginning of July you can experience the period of White Nights in Saint-Petersburg. Generally Moscow gets more sun, it is located on seven hills and from Vorobyovy Mountains you can see the half of the city. As Moscow is the capital of Russia with the population of more than 12 mln people, its rhythm and tempo of life is very active. Also, Moscow’s population keeps constantly growing. The population of Saint-Petersburg is only 5 mln people and life here is considered to be quieter. Talking about these cities’ territory in Moscow it is two times bigger than in St Petersburg.
St Petersburg is considered to be the cultural capital of our country as more than 8000 cultural objects are located here. So, if you are in interested in Russian history and art this is the city you need to visit.
Within its history St Petersburg changed its name 4 times (Saint-Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad-Saint-Petersburg). Moscow has been Moscow all the time.
From the point of view of the economy, our city is the center of shipbuilding when Moscow’s main industry is aircraft equipment production. There is more transport in Moscow that is why they have endless traffic jams at rush hours. Also there are more policemen in Moscow as the city has more power. You may watch VIP motorcades that provoke difficulties on roads very often there. In our city the traffic is much quieter.
Of course, the situation in the city influences the character, life and mentality of those who live in Saint-Petersburg. Citizens of our city are considered to be more European as initially Peter the Great founded the city as European capital of the country. Also, such European countries as Estonia and Finland are very close to us. Citizens of St Petersburg are considered to be more thoughtful, calm, polite, cultural and much friendlier.
We hope we managed to achieve our goal and to persuade you to come to our beautiful city. We will be happy to show you Saint-Petersburg at its best.

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