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We are Polina and Maria. We work in St. Petersburg as private guides. We are always ready to arrange for you best St. Petersburg tours, to show you the city where we work and live.

Usually the decision to visit Russia is not easy and quick for foreign guests. The next step is to understand what cities to go to. The way of travelling is also important as it can be and individual tour, a private guided tour, a tour in a small group of 6-10 people or a big (up to 40 people) group tour. Each way of travelling has its own privileges and disadvantages and we are not going to discuss them now.

In St.Petersburg tourism our experience is rich enough to satisfy any tourist. Communication will not be a problem because we are also offering help with translation everywhere – shops, cafes, bars, theatres…

What Customers Say

  • malajtsy-10-2016October 2016 I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Ms Polina Kurshakova of Tour Petersburg for the excellent service provided to my group recently on our visit to St Petersburg in early October 2016 . The itenary that was prepared was cleverly and delightfully planned in accordance to our expectations , and the service of the tour guide Ms Tatiana , was indeed very professional , competent and simply adorable . My group had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves . Certainly a well organised company which i will have no hesitation to fully recommend to all who wishes to be well taken cared of whilst visiting St Petersburg . My regards and congratulations to Polina and her Management , wishing her every success in her undertakings , and i will continue to give her my support with repeat businesses and referrals to all my group of friends , family and work colleagues visiting Russia in the near future . Best Regards Louis Tan Head of… More
    Louis Tan
  • Test Wendy & Bob BroganMay 2018 Hi Polina and Maria, Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your beautiful city and also getting to know Maria! Bob was very pleased with your lovely birthday gift! Thank you again. We will be passing your services onto our friends and family who may wish to visit St Petersburg in the future. Best regards Wendy and Bob
    Wendy & Bob Brogan
  • Alan ZellSeptember 2018 My wife and I booked 2 days with private tour guide, vehicle and Driver with Maria while we were there while on a cruise. Olga was our guide and she was excellent and was able to show us the city with great energy and knowledge. We would recommend booking with Tourpetersburg and with Olga.
    Alan Zell
  • 53368224July 2016 It was a blessing that we found Polina `s company on the net so we can book our two days in St Petersburgh with her. The guide was extremely well-informed about all the sites we visited. Her historical and artistic knowledge were exactly what we were looking for. Travel in and out of the city was perfect and always in time and according to the schedule. Our driver was an additional asset (helped us to get to our show as well) and worked fantastic with our guide . The schedule included 2 full days and she was always flexible when we requested a diversion or wanted to spend more time at a location. Her choice of restaurants was excellent and the prices excelent for the quality of food and service. Our recommendation for anybody that want to visit St Petersburgh will be to get in contact with Polina because you will have the best service that you can ask for.
    Marcel Salajan
  • Jeanne SlyfieldJune 2018 WISH I COULD GIVE THIS 8 STARS! Maria met us at the dock, and was the perfect hostess to show us her country. She is extremely knowledgeable both of the history and landmarks but also of the art at the Hermitage. She took us to some out of the way, authentic places to eat, and was an excellent companion as well as a guide. Very tuned into our needs. When we wished to sit, she waited for us and changed some parts of the itinerary as we made some requests. We were told about her by fiends and would never hesitate to recommend her highly.We three spent 2 days with her and our excellent driver.
    Jeanne Slyfield
  • Yan GuoSeptember 2018 We were very pleased with our tour of St. Petersburg provided by We had a group of 19 friends who had some specific requests for a two-day tour. We worked with Polina communicating back and forth via many e-mails, taking our strange requests and turning them into something practical. She was always very polite and patient. Among the complications was that 13 of us wanted to go to the ballet one evening, with 6 simply going back to the ship. On the morning of our arrival, a nice bus, an excellent driver and our fantastic guide, Maria, were waiting for us at the cruise ship terminal and we were quickly on our way. Among our requests was to get a bit beyond just the many churches and museums and get some taste for life in Russia. Maria worked it out very nicely, with non-tourist restaurants for lunches and dinner, a trip in the beautiful subway and walks in parks. Both Maria and the driver (who also spoke… More
    Yan Guo
  • Jim&Sue CarusoOctober 2016 Can’t say enough wonderful things about our 2 days of touring in SPB. Maria took such good care of me on my 1st day and customized our 1/2 day so i could see exactly what I wanted. Elena took over on day 2 and we walked the city with my husband and also saw exactly what we wanted to see. The depth and breadth of knowledge about the history, the architecture, the artists and their work was so detailed and substantial. We were so impressed. Hope to get back someday for more!
    Jim & Sue Caruso
  • Ina CantorJune 2018 We had two magical days in St. Petersburg. It is an incredible city. We didn’t miss a thing. The city is gorgeous and maintained so beautifully. There are sumptuous gardens and forests throughout the city. Everything is sparkling clean and manicured. The architecture is so stunning.  We visited museums, palaces, The Church of The Spilled Blood and an awesome synagogue. The food we had was different and very tasty. We had a terrific and knowledgable guide named Maria with a private driver. The highlight of our trip was dinner with a wonderful Russian family.  Polina and her family invited us into their home and prepared a wonderful Russian dinner for us. We so enjoyed hearing about the life in Russia. We realized that the people and lifestyle are very similar to ours. They are friendly, affectionate and easy to be with.  We really felt like family. We fell in love with the city and the people.  We hope to return again.
    Ina Cantor
  • Cindy LassDecember 2018   You must get Maria Kostina the best tour guide ever warm friendly kind helpful and hugely knowledgeable. What an amazing city from stunning winter and summer palaces to Maria taking us to everyday coffee and doughnut cafe for locals.
    Cindy Lass
  • bobSeptember 2014 Our St.Petersburg guide was Maria and she made all places in Saint-Petersburg we visited so memorable. Excellent English and an outstanding knowledge of Russian and Art history. She organized everything, bypassed all the queues and made sure we saw all the important things without rushing and even arranged a trip to the local restaurants for lunch. Brilliant!!
    Bob and Ed Swindle

Why Us

Your safety

Your guide knows what can be difficult for a foreigner visiting Saint-Petersburg and will be responsible not only for your personal guided tour but also for your safety. We will never take you to a place that is not suitable for you or your children. We see our main task as making your stay in our wonderful city comfortable, interesting and safe. Working directly with us, not via an agency, you will save time and money while also having the best expertise. No cancelation penalties!

Our individual approach

You will be offered a guided tour in which all your preferences will be included. We are happy to meet any needs of each guest. Thanks to our experience we can offer you the best options of what to see here. During the high season queues are endless in St. Petersburg museums. This is our job to book your tickets in advance. Being one of the best tour guides in Saint-Petersburg we want you to have a great experience during your visit. No deposit!

Rich experience

Visiting St. Petersburg you will not have to study guidebooks for information or itinerary, they usually write one and the same things. We will tell you everything we know about the city and its history. But a private guide does not only run tours. Being experienced in St. Petersburg tourism we believe in professionalism and cooperation that is why in our work we have been using many contacts we collected over the years.

Happy Customers

Dinners in Russian families

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Vodka tasting tours

We would like to help you with the choice of the city and to provoke you to come to the cultural capital of Russia, to our Northern Venice – Saint-Petersburg. To confirm our point of view below we offer you a comparison of two most famous cities in Russia – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
St Petersburg is located in the Northwestern part of Russia, Moscow – in the central one. Climate differences all come from this fact – the weather in St Petersburg is worse and there are more rains here. Because of the climate and its geographical location from the end of May to the beginning of July you can experience the period of White Nights in Saint-Petersburg. Generally Moscow gets more sun, it is located on seven hills and from Vorobyovy Mountains you can see the half of the city. As Moscow is the capital of Russia with the population of more than 12 mln people, its rhythm and tempo of life is very active. Also, Moscow’s population keeps constantly growing. The population of Saint-Petersburg is only 5 mln people and life here is considered to be quieter. Talking about these cities’ territory in Moscow it is two times bigger than in St Petersburg.
St Petersburg is considered to be the cultural capital of our country as more than 8000 cultural objects are located here. So, if you are in interested in Russian history and art this is the city you need to visit.
Within its history St Petersburg changed its name 4 times (Saint-Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad-Saint-Petersburg). Moscow has been Moscow all the time.
From the point of view of the economy, our city is the center of shipbuilding when Moscow’s main industry is aircraft equipment production. There is more transport in Moscow that is why they have endless traffic jams at rush hours. Also there are more policemen in Moscow as the city has more power. You may watch VIP motorcades that provoke difficulties on roads very often there. In our city the traffic is much quieter.
Of course, the situation in the city influences the character, life and mentality of those who live in Saint-Petersburg. Citizens of our city are considered to be more European as initially Peter the Great founded the city as European capital of the country. Also, such European countries as Estonia and Finland are very close to us. Citizens of St Petersburg are considered to be more thoughtful, calm, polite, cultural and much friendlier.
We hope we managed to achieve our goal and to persuade you to come to our beautiful city. We will be happy to show you Saint-Petersburg at its best.

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