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We are Polina and Maria. We work in St. Petersburg as private guides. We are always ready to arrange for you best St. Petersburg tours, to show you the city where we work and live.

Usually the decision to visit Russia is not easy and quick for foreign guests. The next step is to understand what cities to go to. The way of travelling is also important as it can be a private guided tour, a tour in a small group of 6-10 people or a big (up to 40 people) group tour. Each way of travelling has its own privileges and disadvantages.

In St.Petersburg tourism our experience is rich enough to satisfy any tourist. Communication will not be a problem because we are also offering help with translation everywhere – shops, cafes, bars, theatres…

What Customers Say

  • August 2016 Our three-day St.Petersburg visit exceeded expectations. I gave you a rather long list of sights that I wanted to see and you fit them in our schedule in an orderly and sensible way. As things worked out, there were no "hitches" or delays, and all the details were as we had agreed upon. Our guide and driver were courteous, helpful and well informed. And, just as important, they impressed us as being genuinely nice, trustworthy people whose company we enjoyed. I would certainly recommend you and your company.
    Bill O
  • August 2017 We had a 2 day stop over in St Petersburg on our Baltic Cruise. We contacted Maria at Tourpetersburg and received detailed options as to what she thought would suit our party of 4 adults and 6 teenagers. We were met at the customs hall in the port by Anna and spent 2 days with her on our private minibus. She took us to the most admired places in St Petersburg including the wonderful palace of Peterhof, the Hermitage, The Church of the Spilled Blood. But what made the 2 days for us were the local details, taking us on the underground, going to a soviet cafe, and listening to Anna's intelligent, informed and generous information and explanations. Anna made this trip extraordinary. I would absolutely recommend Tourpetersburg.
    Fiona Armstrong Hall
  • August 2018 Our family of 11 has nothing but compliments for Polina and Maria. I initially dealt with Polina to set up our 2 day custom tour and she was very informative--professional--and timely in all contacts with her. At the last minute minor changes were made due to long wait times at Catherines Palace and here again Polina's suggestions were communicated professionally and thoughtfully.Our tour guide was Maria and she was simply outstanding. Everything was as promised with absolutely no surprises. Maria was very organized and amazingly worked thru minor changes to our itinerary to maximize our time. This company is simply outstanding to work with and have my highest recommendation. Excellent value for a quality tour!!!
    Jim & Linda Hale
  • June 2019 Maria was very knowledgeable and great at communicating via email while we were arranging all the places we wanted to go. Meeting her at the port was easy and the historical information we received made the trip very memorable. We had excellent weather which was an added bonus. The private tour was well worth the money as we saved so much time not standing in the incredibly long lines at most of the sites we were visiting. She got us right through so we could enjoy each location. Her recommendation for shopping and eating were very helpful. I would highly recommend her services and use them again.
    Stewart Tatem
  • August 2016 Hi Polina, It was our pleasure to spend 3 days with Maria and Ruslan. We had a good time and found the schedule full and to our satisfaction. There was so much to see. One could easily spend 2 weeks in St. Petersburg and barely scratch the surface. We were happy to get the tour that we did and found both Maria and Ruslan to be excellent. We will certainly recommend you and your company to others wishing to go to St. Petersburg or other places in Russia as I understand that you also run tours in other cities. If we ever return, we will be sure to connect with you again.
    Barbara L Garbens
  • March 2018 This was about our 8th trip to St Petersburg and we have always used Tourpetersburg as they have always given us 100% satisfaction. It was our 45th wedding anniversary so a special occasion. Our guide was Katya this time and she was as professional as Lena was last time, she spoke perfect English, was kind and extremely helpful. We visited the Faberge museum and it was wonderful to see so many examples of perfection. Polina always comes up with some new place for us to visit each trip and its worth asking her to recommend other things, other than the very obvious stunning palaces which should never be missed of course..
    Sue Woodward
  • August 2018 Maria was recommended to me by a friend. If you are on a cruise and have 2 days in St Petersburg then Maria's guided tour will enable you to see as much as possible in the limited time with the most enjoyment. If you want a knowledgeable and pleasant guide taking you around in a nice chauffeured Mercedes then Maria will give you complete satisfaction. You will enjoy walking past the long queues trying to get into the Hermitage. The only problem with superb St Petersburg is that the rest of the world can be quite disappointing in comparison.
    Bill Paraska
  • June 2019From the initial emails from Polina to our final farewell to Maria, our guide, our tour of St Petersburg was outstanding. The itinerary they created for us included not only the highlights of the city but special events and experiences. Maria was so knowledgeable about history, art, food AND traffic in St Petersburg that we were amazed every day. Of particular importance in visiting St Petersburg is having confidence in the tour company that visas, tickets, tours, etc are accurately completed. Polina and Maria were exceptional in this area. As a travel advisor as well as a tourist, this was extremely important to me as I can recommend Tourpetersburg to my clients. Thank you, ladies, for an unforgettable time in your city!
    Dede Good
  • August 2016 Saint Petersburg was the highlight of our Baltic Sea cruise and we were very fortunate to have as out tour guide Maria and driver George. They allowed our group of 6 to make maximum use of our limited time and to see the sights we were really interested in. Maria was exceptionally knowledgeable about the city and very efficient in arranging for tickets so we didn't spend a lot of time in lineups. We would highly recommend Tourpetersburg to anyone planning a trip to Russia.
    Alan McIvor
  • April 2018 St Petersburg went extremely well. We could not have asked for more from Maria who was exceptional: in guiding, helping and facilitating all we enjoyed. She was patient, considerate/thoughtful and careful; she understood and anticipated all our needs and went well beyond what can be expected of anyone. She was there proactively facilitating, in the hotels, at all the attractions. She used her experience to help us lose as little time as possible queuing, waiting, struggling with menus, bills, etc … All members of our group said that she was the very best guide they have ever had in all their travels, and they are all well-travelled people. Please convey to her our deep appreciation. She was magnificent! In terms of attractions, they were all interesting and appreciated. There is nothing we would have omitted. The palaces were dazzling. Cathedrals stunning. Museums were excellent. Maria made them all come alive with her explanations (often patiently repeated, because we were not able to remember all the facts in one… More
    Pauline Lee

Why Us

Your safety

Your guide knows what can be difficult for a foreigner visiting Saint-Petersburg. He will be responsible not only for your personal guided tour but also for your safety. We will never take you to a place that is not suitable for you or your children. Our main task is making your stay in our wonderful city comfortable, interesting and safe. Working directly with us you will save time and money while also having the best expertise. No cancelation penalties!

Our individual approach

You will be offered a guided tour in which all your preferences will be included. We are happy to meet any needs of each guest. Thanks to our experience we can offer you the best options of what to see here. During the high season queues to St Petersburg museums are endless. This is our job to book your tickets in advance that will help you to avoid them. Being one of the best tour guides in Saint-Petersburg we want you to have a great experience during your visit. No deposit!

Rich experience

Visiting St. Petersburg you will not have to study guidebooks for the information or itinerary. They usually tell one and the same things. We will inform you about everything we know about the city and its history. The private guide does not only run tours. Being experienced in St. Petersburg tourism we believe in professionalism and cooperation. In our work we have been using many contacts we collected over the years.

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We would like to help you with the choice of the city and to provoke you to come to the cultural capital of Russia, to our Northern Venice – Saint-Petersburg. To confirm our point of view below we offer you a comparison of two most famous cities in Russia – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
St Petersburg is located in the Northwestern part of Russia, Moscow – in the central one. Climate differences all come from this fact – the weather in St Petersburg is worse and there are more rains here. Because of the climate and its geographical location from the end of May to the beginning of July you can experience the period of White Nights in Saint-Petersburg. Generally Moscow gets more sun, it is located on seven hills and from Vorobyovy Mountains you can see the half of the city. As Moscow is the capital of Russia with the population of more than 12 mln people, its rhythm and tempo of life is very active. Also, Moscow’s population keeps constantly growing. The population of Saint-Petersburg is only 5 mln people and life here is considered to be quieter. Talking about these cities’ territory – in Moscow it is two times bigger than in St Petersburg.
St Petersburg is considered to be the cultural capital of our country as more than 8000 cultural objects are located here. So, if you are in interested in the Russian history and art – this is the city you need to visit.
Within its history St Petersburg has changed its name 4 times (Saint-Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad-Saint-Petersburg). Moscow has been Moscow all the time.
From the point of view of the economy, our city is the center of shipbuilding when Moscow’s main industry is aircraft equipment production. There is more transport in Moscow that is why they have endless traffic jams at rush hours. Also there are more policemen in Moscow as the city has more power. You may watch VIP motorcades that provoke difficulties on roads very often there. In our city the traffic is much quieter.
Of course, the situation in the city influences its character, life and mentality of those who live in Saint-Petersburg. Citizens of our city are considered to be more European as initially Peter the Great founded the city as the European capital of the country. Also, such European countries as Estonia and Finland are very close to us. Citizens of St Petersburg are considered to be more thoughtful, calmer, more polite and cultural, more easy-going.
We hope we managed to achieve our goal and to persuade you to come to our beautiful city. We will be happy to show you Saint-Petersburg at its best.

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